Violin - Edgar Russ, copy of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù "Sainton", Cremona 2014


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Back home but looking for a new home!

This Guarneri "Sainton" has been made already a few years ago and returned back to my shop after a customer of mine changed it to another model. It has been played over the years but as far I can tell it seems in perfect conditions. Here you can compare it now with other violins of mine.

I love the challenge to make a copy of one of the most famous great Masters. During the process of construction I understand better every imperfections made by Giuseppe Guarneri and in this very moment I feel very close to the violins origin. 

The "Sainton" Guarneri is one of the most extremest Guarneri Violins, since the top is approximately 10mm more narrow regarding the back. This creates a quite strange shaped body where the ribbs are quite inclined towards the much larger back. Nevertheless those who know its origin and have been playing it as well were impressed of Master Edgar Russ's Copy of the "Sainton".

According to them the Copy has been much easier to play maintaining the originals properties and carachteristics of its strong and profound italian Sound to fulfill huge Concert Halls.

You will be very proud and happy to own such a great Italian Masterpiece.

A: Yes, the Instrument you are choosing here in the webshop is exactly the one you will receive.
All instruments I offer here on my webshop are physically existing and available here in my workshop in Cremona, Italy.

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