Cello - Linea Macchi, Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty", Cremona 2021


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Linea Macchi Cellos are available as Stradivari "Gore Booth" or the here presente  Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty". The sound of the Montagnana is deeper and more rolling with a nice focus over all four strings. 

The belly, back, ribs and head are hand made by expert makers that Master Russ knows personally and appreciates for their skills.

The critical areas of the instrument construction that present greater difficulty are personally worked on by Master Russ in his workshop in the centre of Cremona, in Via Macchi. This ensures that the instrument will have acoustic qualities of the highest levels.

Master Russ establishes the criteria for the correct thicknesses and measurements for the belly, back and the other elements that have a fundamental impact on the instrument sound for every instrument. These include the placement and shaping of the bassbar, the correct positioning of the neck joint in order to ensure a balanced sound across the four strings, and a perfect set-up that guarantees the best sound possible for every individual instrument.

Finally, following antique traditions, the varnish can be either antiqued or in the non-antiqued Cremonese style.

Linea Macchi Instruments satisfy the needs of professional musicians.

Listen to the Montagnana Sleeping Beauty when it is played by Marco Mauro Moruzzi: 

A: Yes, the Instrument you are choosing here in the webshop is exactly the one you will receive.
All instruments I offer here on my webshop are physically existing and available here in my workshop in Cremona, Italy.

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